ActiV Munich: Cube of Truth Demonstration

The "Cube of Truth" is a peaceful, stationary demonstration, similar to an artistic performance. This demonstration works in a structured way that arouses the curiosity and interest of the public. We try to lead interested people to a vegan way of life by combining videos of the local animal industry with ethical conversations.
Using video footage that shows the standard practices of the animal industry, we bring the truth behind it to the public. In combination with informational materials, we equip our interlocutors with everything they need to become vegan and also active for the animals themselves.

The event will, of course, be in compliance with Corona regulations: there will be a continuous obligation to protect the mouth and nose and to keep a safe distance.
In particular, the structured and professional course of actions leads to success. If you would like to participate, please note the following points:
  1. Prerequisite for active participation is that you already live vegan.
  2. Black clothing appropriate to the weather (without imprints) is required.
  3. At the beginning of each action there is a short introduction. So please be on time.
  4. Masks, signs and closing cards will be provided.
  5. If available, please bring a recharged laptop or tablet with you.
Even if the event is linked to a Facebook event, joining Facebook or a commitment on Facebook is not a prerequisite for participation.
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13 Apr 2021


17:30 - 20:30

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München, Marienplatz
left of the town hall, between the subway and Mariensäule


Martin Müller

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