Activists for the Victims: Report

On 18.12.21 we were accompanied by 5 students from the Technical University of Deggendorf, who were filming a report as part of their studies. They chose our demonstration for it. The result is the following, grandiose, really professional film.

Many thanks to all participants ❤️, for bringing screens, jackets, etc., helping with the setup, letting us film, giving interviews, standing in the cube and of course the outreach !!!!

With 70! interlocutors we believe that they have recognized speciesism in their lives and will take steps towards a vegan life. About 150 cards were handed out during the numerous conversations. 

Special thanks to the Film-Team Deggendorf for the filming support ❤️

Would you like to become active too? You can find all our demos and the requirements for participation in the tab "Upcoming Events".

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